Measure the Voltage Characteristics of Electric Double-layer Capacitors for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

Measure and record the temporal characteristics of the voltage between terminals in electrical characteristics tests of individual electric double-layer capacitance cells for HEVs.


  • Use the LR8431-20 MEMORY HiLOGGER to perform continuous and temporal measurement of the voltage  between capacitor terminals in the capacity, internal resistance and maximum output density test and the charge  /discharge efficiency test. (It can perform measurement and record at a high speed of up to 10 ms and has a  high voltage resolution of 0.5 mV in the 10 V f.s. range)
  • The LR8431-20 can also be used to perform continuous and temporal measurement of voltage between capacitor  terminals over several days in the voltage holding characteristics test. (When the measurement data is saved in  real-time to a 1 GB CF card, the data can be recorded for approximately 32 days at a recording interval of 100 ms  on 10-channels)

  • The LR8431-20, which supports thermocouple input, can measure and record the reference temperature  at the time of the test.
  • Combined use of the CT6862 High Accuracy Pass-through Current Sensor (50 A) and 9555-10  Sensor Unit enables the measurement and recording of discharge current values at the time of the test.  (Please prepare the connecting cord to LR8431-20 by yourself.)

For details, refer to the JIS D1401 standard entitled Electrical Characteristic Test Methods of  Electric-double Layer Capacitors for Use in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Products used
  • PC CARD (1 GB) 9729

Options for current measurement
  • SENSOR UNIT 9555-10 

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