V5.00  Mar 29, 2019

The copyright to the executable program file and associated documents is owned by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.
This utility may not be bundled with software or other publications which are sold for profit without the express written permission of the copyright owner.
Further, this product may not be modified without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

HIOKI disclaims any and all responsibility for any consequences arising out of use of this software.

  • Application (PQONE_Eng_V500.zip)


  • sample data(SampleData.zip)



PQ ONE is a freeware application for analyzing measurement data from a HIOKI Power Quality Analyzer on a computer.

Supported models: PQ3100, PQ3100-91, PQ3100-92, PQ3100-94, PQ3198, PQ3198-92, PQ3198-94, PW3198
PQ ONE provides the following functionalities:
・ Display and analysis of measurement data
The software’s event statistics function allows you to check the conditions under which events occurred.
Group three phases of trend data together on a single graph.
・ Easy creation of reports
Output reports that present screen contents without the need to configure complex settings.
・ Convert Measurement Data to CSV Format
Convert trend data or event waveform data to CSV format.

Operating Environment

Windows 7(32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8.1(32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 10(32-bit or 64-bit)
(Must be updated with most recent service pack as of March 1, 2019.)

The above OS requirements are satisfied.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later must be installed on above operating system.
(In non-English environments, the appropriate language pack must also be installed.)

・ The software may not operate on some computers, even if the above system requirements are satisfied.
・ An SD memory card is required in order to load PQ3100/PQ3198 data into the computer.

Sample data

You can download the sample data of PQ3100 / PQ3198 / PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer.
If you have downloaded and unzipped Sample_DIP.zip, you can read by PQ ONE.

Version Upgrade History

V5.00  (March 2019)
1.  Fixed bugs:
   -1. PQ ONE can not start from GENNECT Cross for Windows.
   -2. CH4 can not be displayed on transient waveform in PW3198 (1P2W/1P3W wiring) data.
   -3. Flicker Δ10 measurement items can not be exported to CSV.
2.  Added functions / Enhancements:
   -1. Supported PQ3198 data.
   -2. Added ITIC curve screen and high-order harmonic frequency analysis screen.
   -3. Added MAX/MIN items to statistics screen.
   -4. Added power, power factor and high-order harmonic items to the Custom setting of the standard (PQ Check) screen.
   -5. Added A-B cursor function to event waveform screen and event trend data screen.
   -6. Supported PQDIF format saving.
   -7. Supported the screen size change for split bar.
   -8. Screen copy function can be added more screens, and list copy function added.
   -9. Enhancements of trend graph screen and trend list screen.

V4.00 (August 2018)
1.  Fixed bugs:
   -1.  Part of the legend in the detailed trend (in trend graph) display was found to be incorrect.
2.  Added functions / Enhancements:
   -1. New support for PW3198 data.
   -2. New supported for Simplified Chinese display.
   -3. Added the PQ Check (simple standard result display) function.
   -4. Enhancements of data list function.
   -5. Improvement / Enhancements of the trend graph / event data screen.
    (1)  Moved the "Auto Scale" and "Unzoom" button to each screen.
    (2)  Added an "Axis X ZoomIn" and "Axis X ZoomOut" button to each screen.
    (3)  Modified so that display items can be changed during graph drawing.
   -6. Ability to create reports on a PC that is not installed with Microsoft Word.

V3.00 (March 2018)
1.  Fixed bugs:
   -1. At the following conditions, the trend graph display was illegible in rare cases.
    (1)  Measured values of n*10000 point.
    (2)  PF trend graphs with mixed +/- values.
    (3)  Graphs with invalid values.
2.  Added functions / Enhancements:
   -1.  Added a function to display statistics.
   -2.  Added a function to display standards.
   -3.  Added a function to copy the displayed screen.
   -4.  Added a function to create a quick report.
   -5.  Added a function to show OVER range areas in a trend graph.
   -6.  Faster trend graph drawing process.

V2.00 (August 2017)
1. Fixed bugs:
 -1. The display of an event waveform graph was illegible when expanding the X-axis in the case of a continued event.
 -2. Fixed the data processing method when a flag appears on a trend graph.
 -3. The event list time displayed when one event exceeded 24 hours was incorrect.
 -4. Fixed how an OVER decision is processed for power parameters (P, Q, S).
2. Added functions:
 -1. Support for firmware update of PQ3100:
  (1) Added a function to display transient waveforms. 
  (2) Added a function to display trend graphs related to flicker.
  (3) Added a function to display trend graphs related to demand value / demand quantity.
  (4) Added a function to display graphs and parameters related to RVC events.
 -2. Added a function to convert measurement data to CSV format. (Trend graph, Event waveform) 
 -3. Added a drag and drop function.

V1.10 (May 2017)
1. Fixed bugs:
 -1. Fix a bug that caused the trend graph display to be illegible when expanding the X-axis by specific data.
 -2. Fix a bug that caused an error in the trend graph when the Y-axis is zoomed until the graph becomes perpendicular.
 -3. Fix a bug that prevented the X-axis from being enlarged when using 150/180cycle interval data compared to other interval data.
2. Added functions:
 -1. For faster trend graph drawing process:
  (1) Changed the search algorithm
  (2) Added a function to create a cache file
 -2. Added a function to change the display language
 -3. Support for the “GENNECT Cross” application.

V1.01 (November 2016)