Standby Power Measurement

Standby Power Measurement

V  Sep 21, 2018

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”Standby Power Measurement Software” is application software exclusively used for the Power Meter PW3335.
This software allows you to view the measurement data and also save them in the CSV format through communication with up to one Power Meter via a LAN, GP-IB, or RS-232C(COM port).

Version Upgrade History

V1.2.0.0 (September 2018) 
・Fixed a bug that prevented the indication on the report that the acceptable uncertainty range was exceeded.

(May 2018)
・The rated voltage/frequency output on a report showed 0. This has been fixed.
・After loading a settings file, it was found that the current range on the PW3335 could not be changed. This has been fixed.

V1.0.2.0 (June 2015)
・The method of calculating the uncertainty for the measuring instrument is improved.
・Compatibility to certain RS-USB converters that were previously not supported.
・Improved the output information found in the test log field.

(December 2014)
・Connection registration could not be made on the non-D/A output Models PW3335,
PW3335-01 and PW3335-03. This has been corrected.

V1.0.0.0 (October 2014)

Operating Environment

・CPU 1.0 GHz or better (2.0 GHz or better recommended)
・RAM 1GB(x86) or 2GB(x64) or more
・Windows 7 SP1 or later (32-bit or 64-bit),Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit),Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
・The following software must also be installed:
 1.Microsoft .NET Framework 4
* To install this application, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 must be installed.
 (In a non-English environment, language pack according to the environment is necessary)
 If this package is not installed and your computer is connected to the Internet, the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 will be downloaded and installed automatically before the application is installed.
 You can also download the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 yourself from the Microsoft homepage.