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Evaluate Server Location for Vibration Charateristics

Protecting the Integrity of Data Centers from Excessive Vibration

The size of computer components making up data centers has decreased dramatically recent years, allowing more and more equipment to be stored in a defined area in order to keep pace with data capacity demands.  The crowding of computer equipment also necessitates peripheral machinery to power as well as cool the servers.  Whether in a standalone facility or part of a larger building, it has become more and more important to address the environmental effects produced by surrounding equipment, especially noise and vibration so as not to affect not only the good operation of the servers themselves but also neighboring building occupants.

In particular, server manufacturers provide specifications regarding the vibrations of a location where a server can be installed.  Before installing a new server, the environment should be tested for excessive vibration before the location is determined, and either mitigate the vibrations or choose another location for the server.

A Solution in the MR8880-20 Memory HiCorder

The MR8880-20 Memory HiCorder provides a quick and easy solution to measures vibration by supporting input from various sensors such as a vibration sensor. 

By connecting a 3-axes vibration sensor and an output amplifier to the MR8880-20, you can simultaneously record waveforms for vibrations along 3 axes.

The procedure is simple:

Place the 3-axes vibration sensor on the floor to measure vibrations
Connect the sensor output to the input of the MEMORY HiCORDER MR8880-20 via the output amplifier
Analyze the captured waveforms to determine the peak waveform level
Analyze the frequency using commercially sold FFT analysis software such as FlexPro

Shown here is a 3-axis sensor (Model 2460A from Showa Sokki Corporation) and an output amplifier (Model 1607A also manufactured by Showa Sokki Corporation).  Please purchase separately.

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