BT3554 (Bluetooth® not installed)

Even Speedier Diagnosis of the Deterioration of Lead-acid Batteriess

Hioki portable battery testers support the maintenance of UPS and storage batteries critical to the life support of all businesses. The BT3554 battery internal resistance tester sets the standard for assessing the deterioration and remaining life of UPS and other lead-acid batteries by giving a complete diagnosis via battery resistance testing. The specially designed L2020 Pin Type Lead further improves testing efficiency with an L-shaped tip that lets you reach deep into the battery racks to completely probe the terminals. Key Features • Measure and save data in as fast as 2 seconds, a 60% improvement from the legacy 3554 • Instantaneously diagnose battery degradation (PASS, WARNING, FAIL) by measuring internal resistance and voltage • Noise reduction technology improves noise resistance • New protector delivers better ergonomic hold and durability in the field. • Also available: BT3554 with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
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Model No. (Order Code)

BT3554 Discontinued, bundled Pin Type Lead 9465-10
BT3554-10 To be Discontinued, bundled Pin Type Lead L2020

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Note (1) The thresholds for determining the pass/fail condition of a battery depends on the specifications and standards of the battery manufacturer, battery type, capacity, etc. It is important and necessary to always conduct battery testing against the internal resistance and terminal voltage of a new or reference battery. Note (2) In some cases, it may be difficult to determine the deterioration state of traditional open type (liquid) lead-acid or alkaline batteries which demonstrate smaller changes in internal resistance than sealed lead acid batteries. For the latest information about countries and regions where wireless operation is currently supported, please visit the Hioki website. Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and licensed for use by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.


Get Results in as Fast as 2 Seconds

Simply touch the test leads to the battery terminals to easily capture battery condition data with the Hioki BT3554 Battery Tester. Automatically save measurements results using the auto-hold or auto-memory function in just 2 seconds, a 60% reduction from the legacy product.

Generating comparative judgments based on a lead-acid battery’s internal resistance and voltage

By using its comparator function to simultaneously measure the internal resistance and voltage of a lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, or nickel-hydride battery, the BT3554 can generate comparative judgments quantifying degradation of the cell based on user-specified threshold values.

Saving data easily just by placing the leads in contact with a battery’s terminals

The BT3554’s auto-hold function automatically holds measured values once they stabilize. The instrument’s auto-memory function, which automatically stores measured values resulting from the auto-hold function in its internal memory, further streamlines work tasks.

Creating reports in the field with a dedicated app

The BT3554-01 and BT3554-11 feature Bluetooth® wireless technology. Measurement data loaded onto a tablet or smartphone can be viewed using templates and graphed to allow assessment of data by the cubicle (up to 500 data points). In addition, the app makes it possible to instantaneously create reports while in the field.

The Best Choice Just Got Better: Speedy diagnosis of lead-acid battery deterioration status

Why switch to the BT3554 from the 3554? Measure and save data in as fast as 2 seconds, a 60% improvement from the legacy 3554. The same reliable instantaneous degradation diagnosis of lead-acid batteries (PASS, WARNING, FAIL) by measuring internal resistance and voltage Determine the health of your batteries even in high noise environments with the BT3554’s improved noise reduction technology. Quicker and easier contact with battery racks using the longer and improved L-shaped probe (the L2020) *Watch with the video subtitles on, to see detailed descriptions.

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

BT3554, BT3554-10
Resistance measurement range3 mΩ (max. display 3.100 mΩ, resolution 1 μΩ) to 3 Ω (max. display 3.100 Ω, resolution 1 mΩ), 4 ranges
Accuracy: ±0.8 % rdg. ±6 dgt. (3 mΩ range: ±1.0 % rdg. ±8 dgt.)
Testing source frequency: 1 kHz ±30 Hz, With function for avoiding noise
frequency enabled: 1 kHz ±80 Hz, Testing current: 160 mA (3m/30 mΩ range), 16 mA (300 mΩ range), 1.6 mA (3 Ω range), Open terminal Voltage: 5 V peak
Voltage measurement range± 6 V (max. display ±6.000 V, resolution: 1 mV) to ± 60 V (max. display ±60.00 V, resolution: 10 mV), 2 ranges, Accuracy: ±0.08 % rdg. ±6 dgt.
Absolute max. input voltage60 V DC max. (No AC input)
Display update rateApprox. 3 times/s
Comparator functionsResistance warning limit / failure limit, and voltage warning limit setting; Number of comparator setting: 200 sets, Beeper sound, PASS/WARNING or FAIL
Data storageMax. storable data: 6000 sets. (Saved items: Date, time, resistance value, voltage value, temperature, comparator setting values, and comparator judgement.)
Communication interfaceVia USB (forward the data to the PC, bundled software)
No Bluetooth® Wireless technology
Other functionsTemperature measurement (-10.0 to 60.0 °C), Zero-adjustment, Hold, Auto-hold, Auto-memory, Auto-power-save, Clock
Power supplyLR6 (AA) Alkaline dry battery ×8, Continuous operating time: 8.5 hr
Dimensions and mass199 mm (7.83 in)W × 132 mm (5.20 in)H × 60.6 mm (2.39 in)D (with protector), 937 g (33.1 oz) (including batteries and protector)
AccessoriesZero adjustment board ×1, Instruction manual ×1, Application software CD ×1, Power-on option sticker ×1, Carrying case ×1, LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×8, Spare fuse ×1, USB cable ×1, Neck strap ×1, Protector ×1
Pin Type Lead 9465-10 ×1 (Bundled with the BT3554), Pin Type Lead L2020 ×1 (Bundled with the BT3554-10)

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Catalog: GENNECT ONE SF4000 Download PDF  [4MB] English
Catalog: BATTERY TESTER BT3554 Download PDF  [1MB] English

User Guides

Electrical Measurements of Lithium-Ion Batteries Download PDF  [4MB] English
Lead-acid Battery Handbook Download PDF  [1MB] English


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Instruction Manual English
Instruction Manual Spanish
Instruction Manual French
Instruction Manual German
Instruction Manual Korean
Instruction Manual Traditional Chinese
Instruction Manual Simplified Chinese
Instruction Manual Portuguese
Instruction Manual Vietnamese

Outline Drawings

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Technical Notes

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Declaration of Conformity


Drivers, Firmware

USB Driver (BT3554 series)  Freeware V1.00 
GENNECT One  Freeware V4.12 


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About probe length

A: From junction to probe
B: Probe part
L: Whole length

Measurement Leads A

Primarily for use with lead acid batteries, easy 4-terminal measurement, 2.7 mm dia. single-axis type


A: 70 mm (2.76 in) (Red), 150 mm (5.91 in) (Black, up to 630 mm (24.8 in)), B: 164 mm (6.46 in), L: 1941 mm (76.42 in) (Red), 60 V DC

TIP PIN 9465-90

To replace the tip on the 9465-10, L2020, (one piece)


A: 45 mm (1.77 in) red, 105 mm (4.13 in) black 515 mm (20.28 in) Max., B: 176 mm (6.93 in), L: 1883 mm (6.18 ft), 60 V DC

Measurement Leads B

Primarily for use with lead acid batteries, large angle of probe application, 2.5 mm pitch 2-axis pin type


A: 45 mm (1.77 in) red, 105 mm (4.13 in) black 515 mm (20.28 in) Max., B: 173 mm (6.81 in), L: 1880 mm (6.17 ft), 60 V DC

TIP PIN 9772-90

To replace the tip on the Pin type lead 9772, L2100/L2110, (one piece)

Measurement Leads C


A: 300 mm (11.81 in.), B: 116 mm (4.57 in.), L: 1360 mm (53.54 in.), tip φ 29 mm (1.14 in.), 50 V DC


Can hold the values while measuring them, for the BT3554 (use with the L2020), 9772, 9465-10


For the 3554, 3540, A:300 mm (11.81 in), B:106 mm (4.17 in), L:2268 mm (7.44 ft)


0 ADJ BOARD: Use commercially available hook-and-loop fasteners when securing to the carrying case.


For L2100, L2110, L2020, 9465-10, 9772


Replacement fuse set (5 pieces), for the BT3554 and BT3554-50

PC peripherals


• Automatically pair with LAN-connected measuring instruments • Display acquired data graphically in real-time • Windows compatible

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