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Wireless Multi-channel Data Logger Captures Up to 105 Data Points via Bluetooth®

Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple channels of voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals, some models providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance. The LR8410-20 is an innovative wireless logging system capable of capturing up to 105 channels of data wirelessly using Bluetooth® wireless technology. SD Card bundled Key Features • Capture logging data using Bluetooth® wireless technology. Install logging modules in hard-to-reach locations (over line-of-sight distances of up to 30 meters *1 ) (*1) The presence of obstructions may shorten this range. In addition, radio wave intensities, which are indicated with the antenna-like indicators, vary depending on units even while these units are operating in the same environment. • Measurement units have built-in buffer memory so that measurement data can be saved if communication is temporarily disrupted. • Choose an input unit based on the parameters you wish to measure (15-channel and 2-channel units are available) • Easily add up to 7 input units wirelessly to keep your environment free of tangled wires (for a total of up to 105 channels when using 15-channel units) • 100 msec simultaneous sampling across all channels using rapid scanning method • Quick Set guide makes configuration a breeze • Can receive data from LR8410 Link compatible products (Ver. 1.40 or later)

Model No. (Order Code)

LR8410-20 English model, main unit only

The LR8410-20 alone is not capable of making measurements. One or more input modules are necessary to measure. The main unit and input modules are not bundled with the Battery Pack Z1007. Thermocouples are not provided by HIOKI, and must be purchased from a separate vendor. Note: Use only HIOKI SD Memory card, which is manufactured to strict industrial standards, for long-term storage of important data. Correct operation of non-HIOKI SD cards or USB memory sticks are not guaranteed. *Models LR8512 to LR8515 may only be used in countries in which they have been certified. These products emit radio waves. Use of radio waves is subject to licensing requirements in certain countries. Use in countries or regions other than those listed above may constitute a violation of law, exposing the operator to legal penalties. *The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION is under license. *For the latest information about countries and regions where wireless operation is currently supported, please visit the Hioki website.


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A wireless data logger that supports a variety of measurements with a diverse line of measurement units

For applications such as ● Developing and evaluating parts ● Simulating electricity generation characteristics and evaluating performance of solar power systems ● Evaluating air conditioning equipment and systems and measuring temperature ● Performance evaluation of the house ● Verifying elevator operation and performing maintenance ● Developing inverters and motors for railcars ● Monitoring the growth environment in a plastic greenhouse or other structure ● Managing temperature and humidity while shipping freight ● Recording rainfall volume, etc

A wireless data logger than can measure up to 105 channels of data

Connect up to 7 measurement units to perform multipoint measurement across a maximum of 105 channels when using 15-channel units LR8510 or LR8511. Also pair with 1- or 2-channel wireless loggers, including LR8520, LR8512, LR8513, LR8514 or LR8515. Mix and match 7 types of measurement units to consolidate the measurements you need. Use Bluetooth(R) wireless technology to send and receive data over line-of-sight distances of up to 30 m. *The presence of obstructions may shorten this range

Making the wiring process faster while minimizing costs - Wireless data logger

With a wired instrument… Recording a large number of channels means you’ll have to deal with a mess of wires. In addition to increasing the cost of connection cables and thermocouples, long wires make setup more time-consuming. << Resolved with wireless data transmission >> The lack of wiring around the instrument makes for a clean installation. Minimal wiring means lower costs and faster setup.

Make measurements where it would not be practical to wire equipment directly - Wireless data logger

With a wired instrument… Running a large number of thermocouples from a logger to the ceiling or crawlspace would mean a wiring nightmare. << Resolved with wireless data transmission >> There’s no need to connect measurement units to the Wireless Logging Station LR8410 with long wires. Instead, you can install the logging module in an attic or crawl space and check data from the LR8410's screen while measurement is ongoing.

Make measurements of interior conditions from the outside, with the door closed - Wireless data logger

With a wired instrument… We can’t close the windows or doors due to all the wires. As a result, there’s a gap in the gasket, and the vehicle cannot be sealed. << Resolved with wireless data transmission >> Only the measurement unit needs to be installed in the vehicle. Wires do not protrude outside the vehicle, allowing the windows and doors to be closed so that the vehicle can be tested under airtight conditions.

Test data from multiple locations can be managed along a single time axis. - Wireless data logger

Installing individual loggers on test equipment means each set of measured data is on its on time line, making it hard to compare the data with respect to a single time axis. Model LR8410 can observe measurement results from multiple pieces of experimental equipment as part of the same time series. Logging modules are small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Ensure peace of mind even in the event of a signal disruption - backup function

Measurement units and wireless loggers have built-in buffer memory so that measurement data can be saved if communication is temporarily disrupted. This data is resent once communication is restored, allowing the measurement data to be stored in the Wireless Logging Station.

Easy wireless setup

The LR8410 features Hioki’s Quick Set function. Since measurement units can be registered simply by following the Unit Registration Guide, even first-time users can start measurement right away. If no logging modules have been registered, the Quick Set screen is displayed when the LR8410 is turned on, and the instrument automatically detects any logging modules that are within communications range. It’s also easy to configure settings when adding measurement units later.

Get results from the job site in real-time, GENNECT CROSS SF4000

Capture data on the PC while testing remotely

Learn more

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

No. of measurement channelsMax. 105 ch (use 7 units of LR8510 or LR8511)
One or more LR8510 or LR8511 measurement modules are required. Main unit can control up to 7 modules with Bluetooth® wireless technology, mix and match modules as needed
Pulse, digital input[Pulse totalization] [Rotation count] Not available
Recording intervals100 ms(*2), 200 ms to 1 hour, 16 selections (All input channels are scanned within each recording interval.)
(*2) Setting not available when the thermocouple burnout detection setting is on
Data storageInternal memory: 8 M-words, Data storage media: SD memory card or USB memory stick (Only data recorded to a genuine HIOKI SD memory card is guaranteed)
InterfaceLAN: 100BASE-TX, Functions: Data acquisition using bundled software or PC commands, FTP server, FTP client, HTTP server function, or E-mail system
USB: USB 2.0 series mini-B receptacle ×1, Functions: Data acquisition using bundled software or PC commands, Transfer data from the SD memory card to a PC via USB drive mode
Display device5.7 inch TFT color liquid crystal display (640 × 480 pixel)
FunctionsSave waveform data in real time to the SD memory card or USB memory stick, Numerical value calculations, Waveform calculations, 4ch alarm output (not isolated, common ground), and others
Power supply[AC adapter] Using the AC adapter Z1008 (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz), 45 VA Max. (including AC adapter), 15 VA Max. (exclusive of AC adapter)
[Internal battery] Using the Battery pack Z1007 (optional accessory), 3 hours of continuous use (at 23 ˚C reference data), 7 VA Max.
[External power] 10 to 28 V DC, 15 VA Max. (Please contact your HIOKI distributor for connection cord)
Dimensions and mass230 mm (9.06 in) W × 125 mm (4.92 in) H × 36 mm (1.42 in) D, 700 g (24.7 oz) (excluding Battery pack)
AccessoriesInstruction manual × 1, Measurement guide × 1, SD memory card (2GB) Z4001 × 1, CD-R (data collection software “Logger Utility”) × 1, USB cable × 1, AC Adapter Z1008 × 1

Combination status with LabVIEW or MATLAB script

Compatible modelsLabVIEWMATLAB script

Countries and regions where wireless operation is currently supported (LR8410-20, -30)Last update: June 26, 2019

Wireless certificationJapan, United States, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Chile
Wireless certification (special)Singapore (Order Code: LR8410-20 only)
China (Order Code: LR8410-30 only)
Taiwan (Order Code: LR8410-20, LR8410-30 only)
Indonesia (Order Code: LR8410-20 only)
Australia, New Zealand (Order Code: LR8410-20 only)
UAE (Order Code: LR8410-20 only)
India (Order Code: LR8410-20 only)
Exempt from the wireless regulationsViet Nam, Hong Kong, Macao, Myanmar, Russian Federation, Colombia, Pakistan, Georgia, and Kenya

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Catalog: WIRELESS LOGGING STATION LR8410 Download PDF  [6MB] English
Catalog: WIRELESS MINI LOGGER LR8512, LR8513, LR8514, LR8515, LR8520 Download PDF  [3MB] English
Flyer Catalog: LR8410 Link Download PDF  [1MB] English
Catalog: GENNECT ONE SF4000 Download PDF  [1MB] English

User Guides

Usage Guide for LR8410-20 Download PDF  [4MB] English


If you can not download, log into your myHioki account to access more technical documents and information where available.

Measurement Guide Simplified Chinese
Measurement Guide English
Supplement English
Precautions Concerning Use of Equipment that Emits Radio Waves Japanese
Instruction Manual English
Instruction Manual Simplified Chinese

Outline Drawings

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Technical Notes

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Input modules


• Record voltage and temperature • Connect up to 7 units wirelessly for a maximum of 105 channels • 2-terminal M-3 mm screw connection

Learn more


• Record voltage, temperature with thermocouple, humidity or resistance • Platinum resistance temperature sensor • Connect up to 7 units wirelessly for a maximum of 105 channels • 4-terminal push-button connection for each channel

Learn more


● Perform pulse integration of vehicle speed or flow rate for equipment such as air conditioners ● Applications in HVAC, automotive, cogeneration, water, gas and petroleum industries ● Upload data wirelessly to smartphone or tablet

Learn more


• Measure power with a compact, two-channel logger • Use with AC flexible current sensors • Applications in assessing energy demand, leakage current, PV maintenance, automotive, transport equipment and simple electrical testing

Learn more


• - 40 °C to 80 °C/ 0% to 100 % RH (with optional sensor) • Manage production plants and agricultural sites • Upload data wirelessly to smartphone or tablet

Learn more


• Verify the correlation between voltage and temperature • Applications in PV system maintenance, electronics, automotive and transportation • Upload data wirelessly to smartphone or tablet

Learn more


• Predict how easy it is for fungi to grow • Applications in food and grain storage and building maintenance • Upload data wirelessly to smartphone or tablet

Learn more

Input options

*For reference only. Please purchase locally.


3 m (9.84 ft) length

High voltage measurement

* Maximum input-to-ground rated voltages fall within these products’ specifications ranges (and do not affect the connected input units)


• Waveform only for exclusive use with Memory HiCorders (P9000-01) or waveform/RMS value switchable (P9000-02) • For use with input of up to 1 kV AC/DC • Requires separate power supply

Learn more


100 to 240V AC

Options for Differential Probes

Can also be used with accessories such as L4936/L4937/L4931 as available for other testers.


Attaches to the tip of the banana plug cable, Red/ Black: 1 each, 196 mm (7.72 in) length, CAT III 1000 V


30 cm (0.98 ft) length, covert BNC to wire


2.4 m (7.87 ft) length, covert BNC to wire

Custom cable

*For P9000.

Inquire with your Hioki distributor.
(1) Bus powered USB cable
(2) USB(A)- Micro B cable
(3) 3-prong cable

Power supply

*AC adapter is bundled with the LR8410-20, LR8510/8511


Li-ion, Charges while installed


100 to 240V AC

Carrying cases and stands


Holds one LR8410 and four measurement units


For wall hanging and slanted bench mounting

Storage media

*Z4001 is bundled with the LR8410

SD Card Precaution
Use only the SD Card Z4001 sold by HIOKI. Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for SD cards made by other manufacturers. You may be unable to read from or save data to such cards.


2 GB capacity


8 GB capacity

PC peripherals

LOGGER UTILITY is a bundled software


• For the HIOKI Memory HiLoggers • The control of the measurement of loggers, real-time data collection • Wavefrorm display, data conversion, calculation, search, print

Learn more


• Automatically pair with LAN-connected measuring instruments • Display acquired data graphically in real-time • Windows compatible

Learn more


Straight Ethernet cable, supplied with straight to cross conversion adapter, 5 m (16.41 ft) length


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