PQ ONE Power Quality Analysis Software Updated to Version 6.20

PQ ONE Power Quality Analysis Software Updated to Version 6.20

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February 20, 2020 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce that PQ ONE, the free Windows application for Hioki Power Quality Analyzer PQ3100 and PQ3198, has been updated to version 6.20 to deliver enhanced functionality and fix minor bugs.

The software will now offer the following new function:

The displayed unit of measurement and the number of digits after the decimal point of the measured value can be selected by the user.

In the previous software version, the display unit (e.g., kW or MW for power) is automatically assigned based on the wiring method and the range selected for recording. In this updated version, the user can change the display unit as required (e.g., kW for active power). The number of digits after the decimal point is also configurable.

** Download PQ ONE version 6.20, including sample data
** Learn more about PQ ONE via the Full Product Catalog for the PQ3198 and PQ3100 Power Quality Analyzers

** Watch Video to see the basic functionality of PQ ONE with the PQ3100 Power Quality Analyzer


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