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Facilities at HIOKI Forest Hills

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Facilities at HIOKI Forest Hills
HIOKI Forest Hills, where our head office is located, was created based on a vision of the ideal manufacturing plant in a park setting. Over the course of 20 years, seedlings planted by HIOKI employees have grown up to become large trees, enveloping the area in rich greenery.

The site incorporates a variety of recreational facilities that are open to local residents, and these are used on a daily basis for the pursuit of health and fitness, sports practices to help make children's dreams come true, lessons, and other activities.

Recreational facilities

Extensive recreational facilities

Recreational facilities. Sports fields, a clubhouse, and a track are open to use by local residents.

  • Track

    Our track is used by athletes as they prepare for the Nagano Ekiden Road Relay and the Ueda Kosenjo Half Marathon.
  • Sports fields

    Sports fields
    Sports fields
    ■Ballpark with night lights
  • Tennis courts

    Tennis courts
    Tennis courts
  • Club house

    Club house

HIOKI Lodge (dormitory for single employees and lodgingfor trainees)

Located next to our head office, HIOKI Lodge serves as both a dormitory for single employees and lodging for visiting customers. Each of the 60 private rooms has a full bathroom, individual climate control thermostat, and Internet access, while each floor offers laundry facilities. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the varied menu of healthy, seasonal fare served by the restaurant on the first floor.

In addition, construction of HIOKI Lodge No. 2 began in April 2016 (scheduled to be completed in March 2017). In addition to putting in place an environment that will better serve as a social welfare facility for employees, the new addition will add conference rooms and other space for use in HIOKI’s educational and trainingprograms.


Athletic Center

HIOKI’s Athletic Center includes training rooms, a studio, an indoor baseball practice area, and a bouldering wall. The studio is used to hold five or six different classes such as yoga and aerobics.

Athletic Center