About Hioki

Local Afforestation Program

Regenerating natural forests in their original form

Forests have played a key role in the development of human culture and livelihood throughout the history of our species, but these resources as they exist in the present day have diverged from their natural, original state in terms of tree varieties and forest composition due to centuries of human involvement. However, this trend can be reversed: trees that originally grew in an area can be planted in the form of a natural forest and left alone so that they develop into a woodland environment of their own accord, without human action. HIOKI’s local afforestation program seeks to reproduce forests close to their natural state in just this manner.

Because green environments with diverse plant and animal life are essential in maintaining the emotional richness of human life, and because we are committed to leaving such environments intact for the children who will be living in the area a century from now, HIOKI assists local afforestation programs.

Our local afforestation program and other tree-planting efforts have been recognized with the following awards:

1992 HIOKI receives the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center President’s Award in recognition of its active promotion of afforestation.
1998 HIOKI receives the Kanto International Trade and Industry Bureau Director’s Award in recognition of its active promotion of afforestation.
2005 HIOKI receives the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in recognition of its active promotion of afforestation.
2009 HIOKI's main plant is recognized by the Prime Minister of Japan for distinguished service in promoting afforestation during 2009.

These greening activities are operated by HIOKI Scholarship and Greening foundation.

HIOKI Scholarship and Greening Foundation

The HIOKI Scholarship and Greening Foundation was established in 2005 to contribute to the development of the local community by carrying on activities of the Forest Hills Scholarship Fund and Local Afforestation program. In 2010, the Foundation was certified as a public-interest corporation.

Principal programs
The Fund supports human resources development by providing non-repayable scholarship grants to science and technology college students from eastern and northern Nagano Prefecture.

The Fund supports local afforestation projects by donating seedlings and providing tree-planting instruction to schools, public facilities, and other organizations in Nagano Prefecture.