CM4001, CM4002, CM4003



Tips for combining instruments and apps

Clamp meters let you measure currents ranging from minuscule to large in magnitude simply by affixing an instrument to the wire to be measured. By establishing a wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet, you can also use them to search for electrical leaks.

1. Affix a clamp meter to each upstream circuit and monitor the current to identify the circuit on which the leak is occurring.

The CM4001/CM4002/CM4003 is the first clamp meter in the world to be able to perform electrical leak monitoring by logging events over an extended period of time. This capability even makes it easy to search for intermittent leaks.

2. Use the clamp meter to check each wire in the circuit, one at a time, starting with the thickest wire and moving towards the thinnest branch wire to identify the location of the leak.

Choose from the two available clamp diameters to accommodate wires of a variety of gauges. Thanks to jaws that slip easily enough into narrow gaps between wires that you can affix the meter with a single hand as you face the measurement target, the instrument lets you make measurements quickly.

This system, which combines an instrument and app, lets you resolve issues in the field quickly.